Custom tailored to your needs


@ Friday's Open Padel

Every Friday, we organise a big After Work event named 'Open Padel', where you can come alone, find players of your level (from absolute beginners to experienced players) and play until night under the sweet beats of our resident DJs. A free initiation (15 min/group) is also  offered at the beginning, so that you know what Padel is all about before you start playing!


Learn padel while playing

A great combination of playing and learning at the same time.
In these 2 hours, our coaches will find the time to teach you some new techniques or tactics, which you can use in the same games you play during this sessions. You'll get constant feedback during your game, and you'll be able to practice what you've learned in the progress.
A new relaxed way to learn Padel, only @ UPB!!!


Eager to improve FAST? 
Tailor it to your schedule!

Single classes:

  • Before 16h: 

    • 1 player - 35 euro/h/player​

    • 2 players - 25 euro/h/player

  • After 16h:

    • 1 player - ​45 euro/h/player

    • 2 players - 30 euro/h/player

Pack of 10 classes:

Either before or after 16h: same price!

  • ​1 player: 325 euro for 10 solo-classes

  • 2 players: 475 euro for 10 duo-classes